Last Call

Last Call: One of Berlin's Oldest Cocktail Bars Will Put Chicken Skin in Your Drink

"Drinking a beer at a cocktail bar is like going to a brothel to jerk off in the toilet."
Liv Fleischhacker

I Spent 24 Hours in Berlin’s Busiest Drug Market

When I get out of the U8 train at Berlin's Kottbusser Tor station at 5 AM on a Thursday, three men dressed in rags raise their beer bottles to greet me, grinning with the few remaining teeth they have.
Wlada Kolosowa

How Two Dutch Chefs Are Reinventing Berlin's Restaurant Scene

Serving an eclectic menu that includes Dutch bitterballen and baba au rhum, Lode & Stijn is the antidote to Berlin restaurants decked out in mismatched vintage furniture.
Barbara Woolsey

Every Part of the Animal Has Earned the Right to Be Eaten

At my Berlin restaurant Herz & Niere, we don’t see nose-to-tail dinig as a trend. We’re conscientious about what we consume. That starts with juice and ends with meat.
Michael Köhle

Chef's Night Out: Parker Bowles

In this episode, Parker Bowles' co-owners Oliver Rother and Quirin Schwanck—together with their friends Michel and Flo from the nightclub Prince Charles—take us out to their favorite food hot spots.
Quirin Schwanck and Oliver Rother

Berlin's Refugee Crisis

VICE News was on the scene for the events that would ultimately mark the climax of Germany's refugee protest.

In Photos: Berlin 'Refugee School' Stand-Off Ends After 8 Days of Siege and Protest

In Berlin's Kreuzberg the derelict Gerhart-Hauptmann school was besieged by up to 1,700 police officers with 40 refugees barricaded inside.
Matern Boeselager

Refugees In Berlin Kicked Themselves Out of Their Own Protest Camp

The evacuation is a great lesson on how to make a protest movement slowly wear itself down and implode without the state lifting a finger.
Marcus Staiger

Talking to Berlin's Hipster Defense Squad

Berlin is often hailed as a mecca for ex-pats and creative types fed up with New York and its stratospheric cost of living. Now, as hordes of graphic designers and writers have begun gentrifying the city, locals have started a concerted attack on...
Huw Nesbitt

May Day in Berlin Was a Playground for Happy Idiots

There's something about May Day in Berlin that seems to capture the city's essence. For one day every year, the streets fill with police, bold stoners, and all sorts of idiots—idiots in bathtubs, idiots in gorilla suits, idiots who cut drugs in phone...
Luke Atcheson, Photos: Grey Hutton

Berliners Are Waging a War Against Gentrification

It’s been 23 years since the Berlin Wall was demolished, and now the bulldozers are back. But this time, no one’s clapping. When word got out that a developer was planning to build a luxury apartment complex right on top of the preserved section of the...
Matt Shea