Kuiper Belt


Astronomers Discover Rare Kilometer-Sized Object in Outer Solar System

“We didn't even have enough money to build a second dome to protect our second telescope! Yet we still managed to make a discovery that is impossible for the big projects.”


Scientists Discovered a New Dwarf Planet at the Edge of Our Solar System

Giving Pluto some more company.


This Bizarre Meteorite May Be the First to Come From the Outer Solar System

Is this strange meteorite a fragment of a mysterious fifth gas giant?


New Horizons Sets Off to Its Next Destination: Beyond Pluto

The extended mission isn’t yet approved, but the craft needed to move now or miss its window forever.


Everything You Need to Know About the First Comprehensive Study on Pluto

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NASA Releases High-Res Images of Pluto’s 'Dragon Scales'

The latest from New Horizons.


Life After Pluto: NASA Announces the Next Target for New Horizons

The spacecraft will be celebrating New Year’s Day 2019 with a (tiny) new planetary friend.


Pluto’s Icy Plains Reveal Its Recent Geological Activity

The New Horizons flyby is over, but the fun has just begun.


'It's Baffling': New NASA Images of Pluto Challenge Geological Theories

A new photo released by the space agency Tuesday shows views from the New Horizons spacecraft hovering about 7,750 miles above Pluto.


Beyond the Glamour Shots: What New Horizons Is Learning About Pluto

Pluto is a unique celestial body, which makes it perfect for answering some lingering questions about where we came from and where we're going.


After Nine Years in Space, NASA's Pluto Probe Is About to Wake Up

New Horizons won't actually reach the dwarf planet until July, but it has a lot of work to do before then.


NASA's Pluto Probe Is Already Planning Its Next Job

The Hubble just added some extra time to New Horizons's life, though it won't reach Pluto for another year.