Kurt Eichenwald


A Publicist Explains What to Do if You Accidentally Tweet Porn

"If. You're. Going. To. Take. A. Screenshot. Review. The. Screenshot. Before. You. Post. It!"


A Brief History of the Legal Definition of 'Deadly Weapon'

A GIF can theoretically be a "deadly weapon" in an assault according to a Texas grand jury. It's just the latest example of a legal phenomenon that will probably never go away.


A Court Will Decide if a GIF Can Be Considered a ‘Deadly Weapon'

Cases like this have strong implications for the roughly 10,000 people with photosensitive epilepsy in the US.


So How Exactly Does a GIF Cause a Seizure?

Scientists can identify the triggers of photosensitive epileptic seizures, like strobes, but working out why these seizures happen is a little harder.


A Man Was Charged for Allegedly Sending Seizure-Inducing GIF via Twitter

The FBI arrested a man for allegedly sending a tweet with strobing animated GIF to ‘Newsweek’ reporter Kurt Eichenwald which caused a seizure.