A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: More Kush

As anyone who listens to lots of Lil Wayne knows, kush is Lil Wayne’s preferred type of marijuana upon which to puff.
Kyle Kramer
Weed Week

Does Drake Even Know How to Smoke Weed?

Last name Smoke, first name… Never? This might be the biggest conspiracy in the history of rap.
Dan Ozzi
Kyle Kramer
Noisey News

Wiz Khalifa, Known Smoker of Kush, Announces Weed Farming Game

He says that 'Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm,' out on 4/20 will be “better than Pokémon."
Alex Robert Ross
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "Kush" (Yes, Like Weed)

“Kush” is one of my favorite Lil Wayne songs, so let's just enjoy it.
Kyle Kramer

Why Weed Pairings Are the New Wine Pairings

“Why not pair cannabis with your food if it builds appetite and increases flavor? It’s time to make weed pairings as normal as wine pairings and bridge these two awesome worlds together.”
Javier Cabral

Microsoft's ChatBot Returned, Said She Smoked Weed in Front of the Cops, and Then Spun Out

The bot, named "Tay," was taken down by the tech giant last Friday after she took to Twitter in a vitriolic, racist tirade. It didn't take long for Tay to run wild again.
Tess Owen
black history

A People's History of Cornbread Stuffing

If it’s Southern and it predates Civil War, it means we’re talking about slavery. The fact is that enslaved people’s hands crafted the most popular American stuffing out of old cornbread.
Michael Twitty

Is Pot Legalization Killing Medical Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana legalization could grant California's small-time pot growers their long-awaited day in the sun, provided they don't get pushed aside by the arrival of big money players with political clout.
David Bienenstock

Dumb Parents Need to Stop Letting Their Young Kids Eat Weed Brownies, Study Says

If your delicious candy and brownies contain massive amounts of THC, maybe don't leave them where your kids can reach?
Sierra Bein

Mouth Full of South

I first heard about culinary historian Michael Twitty in the wake of Paula Deen's dismissal from the Food Network. Last May, I attended one of his dinners, in which he typically dresses in period attire.
Helen Hollyman

Naked Stoner Girls Are Giving Away a Year's Worth of Free Weed

Stoned Girls—a fetish site featuring pictures of hot, often naked, ladies getting high—is giving away free weed.
Mary Emily O'Hara

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Called 911 On Her Cat

This week: A woman called 9-1-1 on her cat, and Kanye West said having his photo taken was like being raped.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete