'L7: Pretend We're Dead' Is the Most Intimate Depiction of the Riot Grrrl Pioneers

Guitarist/vocalist Donita Sparks explains the trailblazing feminists' hands on approach to their long-awaited, emotional new documentary.
Zena Tsarfin
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Donita Sparks Rates L7’s Six Studio Albums

"Pretend That We're Dead" is only one of many great grunge anthems that the Los Angeles band wrote over their career.
Tim Scott
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Now That's What I Call Menstruation: The Noisey Guide to Period Pop

A song-by-song guide of perfect pop songs that will help you traverse the ebbs and flows of your period.
Beulah Devaney
The Score

Mapping the Music and Style of 'Tank Girl'

Gwen Stefani based her look off 'Tank Girl,' plus there are cameos from Iggy Pop and Ice-T, as well as a soundtrack curated by Courtney Love—this post-apocalyptic flick is due for some dissection.
Elizabeth Sankey

L7's Donita Sparks on the Meaning of "Fierce" and How Missy Elliot Won the Super Bowl

"There other ways to be fierce without being scantily clad."
Katherine Turman

The Day Kurt Cobain Threatened to Kill my Girlfriend

In late 1992 Kurt Cobain left life threatening messages on my then girlfriend’s answering tape machine.

Hello World! Read an Excerpt from Jenny Valentish’s New Music Industry Psychodrama ‘Cherry Bomb’

Nina Dall channels Courtney and other 90s divas.
Noisey Staff
What I Learned About Style…

What I Learned About Style from L7's "Andres"

"What came first? The chicken or her badittude?" Mish Way dissects L7's seminal video. Read and learn people, read and learn.
Mish Way