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Lionel Messi is Quietly Having His Greatest Season Ever

Messi destroyed the record books in 2011-12, but this year he's doing more with less.
Shahan Ahmed
the butcher of bilbao

How The ‘Butcher of Bilbao’ Almost Ended Diego Maradona’s Career

On 24 September 1983, the man fans called ‘Goiko’ committed one of the most infamous fouls in the history of the game. It would lead to poisonous bad blood between him and Maradona.
Will Magee

Ronaldo Reportedly Wants to Leave Real Madrid

After being accused of tax fraud, the luxury underwear salesman wants to leave Spain.
Sean Newell
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Cristiano Ronaldo Heads In 367th Goal to Become Top Scorer in Europe's Top Six Leagues

It's an impressive tally, and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it—from him—for a long time.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ronaldinho Administers Filthy No-Look Assist in Geriatric El Classico

Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, Ronaldinho, and let's hit the club the next time you're stateside.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Paid Out $375,000 to Alleged Rape Victim

There's a constellation of loose parts that string together something of a complete narrative of the alleged incident and a connection to Ronaldo, but there is no direct evidence of the rape and the hush money payment.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Messi Has No Regard for Defenders' Feelings As He Nets Two Pure Golazos

Messi has a way of making difficult goals look smooth as milk.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Fernando Torres Hospitalized After Suffering Serious Head Injury

Torres is set to stay at the hospital overnight, where he will be closely monitored.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Gareth Bale's First Goal Since November Was Simply Masterful

Maybe we should be giving Isco a little due credit too. Because that pass was the 'today's Gareth Bale goal' of passes.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Fernando Torres Scores Overhead Goal That Dreams Are Made Of

That's some sandman stuff right there.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Messi Just Achieved Self-Actualization With This Immaculate Free Kick

Lionel Messi will surely be canonized soon for this saintly act.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Mourinho and Ronaldo Allegedly Involved in Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

According to information leaked to Der Spiegel, Ronaldo could have hidden upwards of $160 million.
Liam Daniel Pierce