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Los Angeles

To Save 'LA Weekly,' Journalists Want to Destroy It

After its new owners laid off most of the editorial staff, former contributors have launched a campaign to tank the publication.
Jennifer Swann

How to Run an Illegal Restaurant

In 2008, when the economy went to shit, my wife and I decided to quit our jobs in the advertising and film industries to run an illegal Asian restaurant out of our small Los Angeles apartment.
Nguyen Tran
Los Angeles

We Spoke to Jonathan Gold About Being Jonathan Gold

In 2015, we spoke to the world's most beloved food critic right before the premiere of 'City of Gold,' the documentary about his life.
Richard Parks
The Internet Is Written In Ink

I Let You Down: Henry Rollins Apologizes for Being a Dick

He's sorry, you guys.
Dan Ozzi
Internet Exploring

Henry Rollins Says "Fuck Suicide," Internet Says "Fuck Henry Rollins"

The Black Flag frontman made some comments about Robin Williams and people were not pleased.
Dan Ozzi
Inside Schilling

The 12 Least Overrated Things in Los Angeles

A local writer took the city to task for being "overrated." Well, I live in Los Angeles, and I take offense to people making fun of all the amazing things the city has to offer. LA has the most pre-war movie houses in the world, some of the top art...
Dave Schilling

The Best Unknown Brooklyn Bands

Rock n’ roll is still alive, well, and following a strict P90x workout regimen. There’s no reason to write it a eulogy. Everybody knows Brooklyn is the place to find awesome new bands, because that’s what they say on music websites. I give you the top...
Mikey Asserrad

Big Surprise - Henry Rollins Can Reform Health Care, Man!

I realize that the Henry Rollins I see on my television is not the same person I pictured the first time I heard Damaged as a kid. And he shouldn't be. That Henry—immortalized for punching a mirror—was a lot younger, angrier, and less politically aware...
Anthony Pappalardo

Jonathan Gold Gave Me Crohn's Disease

And I sat in the hospital for 14 days vomiting through my nose while a team of doctors did unholy things to my body.
Ken Baumann