Healthy Food Is More Appealing If It Sounds Unhealthy

A carrot by any other name…


Craft Brewers Are Cracking Down on Sexist Labeling

Is this a meaningful step toward making the beer world more welcoming for women?


This Could Be the Easiest Solution to Confusing Expiration Date Labels

These labels contribute significantly to the $162 billion of food thrown out every year in America.


Researchers Are Calling for Exercise-Based Food Labels to Fight Obesity

If most people saw their food as future exercise, as opposed to a number calories to be minimized, there is a good chance they would be less inclined to give into temptation.


This Italian MEP Wants to Ban ‘Italian-Sounding’ Food Names

Some Italian politicians want to draw a line in the sand by imposing an all-out ban on the so-called “Italian-sounding” names being used to give frozen pizzas and pre-made risottos an Italian flare.


Campbell's Is Going to Voluntarily Label the GMOs in Its Foods

Campbell Soup Company, the maker of everything from its iconic soups to V8 to Goldfish and Pace Salsa, has turned heads by announcing it will begin to voluntarily label its products that contain GMOs.


How 'Health Food' Marketing Contributes to Obesity

According to a recent study, consumers implicitly believe that healthy food is less filling than unhealthy food and that can lead directly to overeating.


The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Meat for the First Time

The Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale and consumption of super-fast-growing, genetically engineered salmon—and soon, they're coming to a plate near you.


Is Cage-Free Turkey Actually More Humane?

The vast majority of industrially farmed turkeys do not live in cages, but that doesn't mean they have it easy.


Israeli Wine From the Occupied Territories Is Now Settlement Wine in the EU

New EU rules mean that all farm and cosmetic products made by Israeli businesses in the occupied territories — including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights — must now be marked with the word "settlement," or its equivalent.


This Is How Much Air Is in Your Bag of Chips

Visual artist Henry Hargreaves decided to take to the lab to confirm his darkest suspicions about the chip industry.


'Salmon-Safe' Beer Is a Thing Now

Like craft coffee, artisanal salt, and urban cider before it, the Beaver State may be tapping into another eco-friendly market with this beer certification.