krazy glue

Please Don't Glue Your Labia Shut

A gynecologist has a few thoughts on that menstruation glue that’s going around.
Samantha Cole

Why Teenage Girls Hate Their Vaginas So Much

As an American gynecological association issues new guidance on what to do when teenage girls request cosmetic genital surgery, we ask a doctor why an increasing number of teens are looking to 'correct' their vulvas.
Sirin Kale

What Does Your Labia Color Say About Your Sex Life?

Last week, Reddit erupted with misinformed debate about whether a woman's labia indicates her sexual experience. We talked to gynecologists to shine a light into this dark cavern of curiosity.
Zing Tsjeng

Drinking Rosé Isn’t Just for Girls Anymore, Bro

More and more men are feeling comfortable drinking the pink stuff. It's official: The era of brosé has arrived.
Munchies Staff

A Clitoris Was Successfully Reconstructed for the First Time in Sweden

I interviewed Dr. Hannes Sigurjónsson, who performed the surgery, about how this could help the 38,000 women in Sweden who have been subjected to genital mutilation.
Rasmus Elfton

How to Embrace Your Aging Vagina

"Vaginal rejuvenation" is the hot buzzword aiming to get women everywhere feeling terrible about the effects of time on their private parts.
Monica Heisey

Monica Lewinsky Could Have Been Paris Hilton

If Monica Lewinsky had embraced her identity as the world's most famous other woman, she could have been Paris Hilton four years before The Simple Life aired.
Mitchell Sunderland
Bollocks to the Hippocratic Oath

The Perfect Vagina

I had a patient once who would not stop complaining about her flaps—vaginal flaps. Miss Vagina Whiner first came to me saying she had lost all pleasure from sex because she was so embarrassed by her saggy lips, which drooped about her clitoris like the...
Dr. Mona Moore