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Domestic Workers Have Little Legal Protection. This Bill Could Change That.

Kamala Harris is proposing a "bill of rights" to protect a workforce made up almost entirely of women and women of color.


Macron is battling France's labor unions and lavish worker benefits

French workers stage their first general strike of the Emmanuel Macron era, which marks his battle with France's labor unions could define his presidency


Republicans are forcing St. Louis to lower the minimum wage it just raised

Minimum wage workers in St. Louis are about to see their hourly wages drop 23%.


More Than 100 Food and Farm Groups Join Together to Oppose Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick

Now, Puzder’s confirmation hearings have been delayed—for the fourth time—while workers’ and women’s rights organizations continue to protest his nomination.


Trump’s Labor Secretary Could Be a Disaster for Restaurant Workers

Puzder’s nomination has many food policy and labor experts deeply worried. They say his history of opposition to minimum wage, overtime, and other pro-worker regulations portends a new era of strife for low-income workers.


Marky Mark and the Funky Lunch: Wahlburgers Is Being Sued for Wage Theft

The lawsuit against the reality show stars alleges that their Coney Island franchise "has been rampant with wage theft and violations of federal and state labor law" ever since opening in 2015.


Protesters in France Set Police Car Ablaze as Cops Gather to Denounce 'Police Hatred'

The country's leading police union organized a demonstration in Paris, but counter-protesters challenged an official ban to march against police brutality at the same time.


A Labour Revolt Inside ‘Magic: The Gathering’ is Tearing the Community Apart

Lawsuits and fights over fair pay threaten to derail tournaments.


Abolishing Tips Could Screw Over Restaurant Owners, Customers, and Servers

A new economics study claims that tipping benefits pretty much everyone in the restaurant industry—not just servers, but restaurant owners, customers, and other workers.


'The World or Nothing': Meet MILI, the New Face of Student Protests in France

Members of the Independent Movement for Joint Struggle, known by its French acronym MILI, have been accused of disrupting protests and behaving like thugs in the course of advancing its political agenda.


A Ruby Tuesday's Waitress Wants to Change Labor Laws for American Servers

A Ruby Tuesday’s server is hoping to roll her lawsuit into a class action that could involve thousands of workers at 658 restaurants across the US who are asked to do tipless side work.