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Jenny Odell's Anti-Capitalist Argument for Doing Nothing

Jenny Odell's new book "How to Do Nothing" is an anti-capitalist manifesto for collectively shifting our attention to create a better world.
Marie Solis

Florida Fast Food Workers Plan Strike in Response to Violent McDonald's Incident

"We won’t back down until McDonald’s takes responsibility for protecting all workers on the job," said an employee planning to strike.
Danielle Wayda
Future Proof

How a labor union is using an algorithm to predict when to organize

The algorithm is only one way unions have recently embraced tech in bargaining.
Jamie Maxwell
sexual harassment

McDonald's Workers Strike Across the Country to Protest Sexual Harassment

McDonald's workers in 10 cities walked out of work on Tuesday, calling on the fast-food franchise to take workplace harassment more seriously.
Marie Solis
Labor Day

10 Ways to Honor the Real Spirit of Labor Day

Remember those who brought you 40 hour work weeks, lunch breaks, paid time off, sick days, child labor laws and more.
Leila Ettachfini
labor rights

This Company Built AI to Detect Modern Slavery

Can machine learning stop forced labor?
Ankita Rao

How Much It Sucks to Be a Sri Lankan Worker Making Beyoncé's New Clothing Line

According to a newspaper investigation, the sweatshop workers making the Ivy Park collection for Topshop are only making 64 cents an hour. We ask an expert on the Sri Lankan clothes industry just how bad the situation really is.
Sirin Kale

Uber Drivers Will Stay as Contractors Following $100M Settlement

Drivers in California and Massachusetts had demanded they be reclassified as employees, in a class action lawsuit being closely watched by other industries which use independent contractors.
Reuters and VICE News

UK Companies Are Going to Be Forced to Reveal the Difference Between What They Pay Men and Women

Two main factors driving the pay gap are more men than women entering higher-paid professions and vice versa, and more women than men working part-time and flexible hours which are often low paid.
Miriam Wells

Iran's President Is in Europe to Sign Some Million-Dollar Deals, Despite Rights Concerns

A week after sanctions were lifted against Iran, President Hassan Rouhani is hoping European nations will close their eyes to his country's human rights record in favor of making money.
VICE News and Reuters
asia & pacific

Thailand Wants to Throw This British Rights Activist in Jail for Fighting Exploitation

Andy Hall was indicted by a Bangkok court on Monday on charges relating to a 2013 report exposing severe working conditions in Thai factories. He faces seven years behind bars.
Charles Parkinson
asia & pacific

Will Time Off For Periods Just Push Chinese Women Further Out of the Workplace?

The proposed regulation — which would allow women a day of paid leave per month for serious cramps — is actually bad news for already dire women's rights in China, say experts.
Jamie Fullerton