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With People Power Behind Them, Corbyn and Labour Are Pushing for Revolution

Two organizers' perspectives on what's new in European Leftist politics following the annual Labour Party Conference in the UK.
Winnie Wong and Claire Sandberg
UK election

The U.K.'s stunning election may screw up Brexit

David Gilbert

UK Labour leader wants “maximum wage” law to stop inequality

David Gilbert
Europe: The Final Countdown

How to Hold Politicians Accountable Without Being a Total Dick

Everyone's angry, and thanks to the internet, it's never been easier to express that anger.
Abi Wilkinson

It looks like Theresa May is going to be the UK's next prime minister

Conservative politician Andrea Leadsom withdrew her name from the race on Monday, leaving party rival Theresa May as the only remaining candidate to become the head of Britain's government.
Reuters News Agency
Europe: The Final Countdown

Explaining Brexit to the Rest of the World

Everyone in the UK is pretty on edge right now. Here's why.
Oscar Rickett
Europe: The Final Countdown

Here's Who Should Take Over the UK Labour Party

This and only this candidate should replace Jeremy Corbyn.
Sam Kriss

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign after overwhelming defeat in no-confidence vote

Labour MPs voted 172-40 against the party's leader in a secret ballot that followed the UK's vote to eave the European Union.
Tess Owen

The British Labour Party is in meltdown after Brexit

About three-quarters of Labour's shadow cabinet have resigned in a bid to topple their leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of leading a lacklustre campaign to remain in the European Union.
Tess Owen

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces 'coup' after Brexit

Ten shadow cabinet ministers have resigned, saying they no longer have confidence in Corbyn's ability to lead the party in the wake of the UK's vote to leave the EU.
Tess Owen
Europe: The Final Countdown

A Eulogy for David Cameron's Career

The man was such a lucky gambler, until he wasn't.
Gavin Haynes
United Kingdom

Suspected killer of British MP Jo Cox had ties to neo-Nazis in US

Thomas Mair reportedly purchased books from neo-Nazi group National Alliance on how to assemble homemade guns and explosives.
Reuters and VICE News