[Exclusive] The Top 25 Most Instagrammed Art Spaces of 2016

New York and LA get lip service, but the standouts from the rest of the USA are impressive.


Greek Experts Reopened Jesus' Tomb | Last Week in Art

No word on whether Vine will resurface three days after its upcoming burial.


The Hereafter Institute: An Art Project That Takes Care of Digital Remains

Artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo wants us to understand that, these days, we die twice.


An LA Art Museum Has a Secret Life as One of the City's Best Pizzerias

It is located just a few steps away from Guillermo Del Toro’s personal replica of that creature from Pan’s Labyrinth with its eyes in its hands, and a room where it’s always raining.


The Guillermo del Toro Exhibit Lets You Inside a Magical Mind

LACMA presents the first-ever Guillermo del Toro museum retrospective, an experience all its own.


All the Museums Welcoming the Pokémon Epidemic | Insta of the Week

The best art museums in the world are embracing our new Pokémon overlords.


You Can Now Have Hundreds of Famous Artworks in Your Home

Works by van Gogh, Cèzanne, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, and more are at your fingertips thanks to Electric Objects' new deal with The Getty, The National Gallery of Art, LACMA, The Rijksmuseum, and The New York Public Library.


Penises and Parrot Tulips: Robert Mapplethorpe's Most Iconic Works

The late photography legend is the subject of a major traveling retrospective.


'The Big Lebowski' Porn House Will Become an Art Space

Eccentric owner of the Jackie Treehorn house, James Goldstein, just donated his pad to LACMA.


The 'Rain Room' Arrives Where Rain Is Scarce: LA

It never rained in Southern California, until now.


Light Pollution Is No Match for the Milky Way in These Stunning Timelapses

LA filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic ask: What would a sky without stars look like?


Shilling for Summer in Sin City

Don't waste time with pre-packed baskets. A real picnic is all about scrambling to the store for a slab of paté, a chunk of cheese, and a $10 bottle of vinho verde, and eating it all off of a Frisbee.