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Virginia Tech Athletes in Hot Water After Singing the N-Word on Camera

Members of the VT women's lacrosse team were filmed rapping some Chris Brown lyrics that they definitely should not have been rapping.
Sarah Bellman
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This Random Lacrosse Team Loves to Get Pumped With a Trump EDM Mashup

Truth is stranger than fiction.
Britt Julious
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Real College Lacrosse Name Or Fake College Lacrosse Name: The Quiz

Elaborately posh college lacrosse names inspire us, now more than ever. So we made up 11 and pulled 11 real ones, and challenge you to guess which is which.
David Roth

Lacrosse Star Lyle Thompson Talks to Us About #NODAPL and His Trip to Standing Rock

In late November, Lyle Thompson, the most prolific scorer in the history of lacrosse and an Onondaga native, traveled to the Oceti Sakowin protest camp at Standing Rock to raise awareness and play his medicine game.
Matt White

Lax Bros Settle Game with Super Intense Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

A lightning storm can never really cancel the game when you have rock, paper, scissors to fall back on.
Patrick Sauer

Brown University Lacrosse Player Scores Devious Underhanded Goal

Why you gotta shoot overhand all the time? It's boring.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Myles Jones Is the Future of Lacrosse

Jones was the first overall pick in this year's Major Lacrosse League Draft. The league's founder, (Body By) Jake Steinfeld, sees him as a transformational figure: an African-American superstar in an overwhelmingly white game.
Matt White

The Visible, Invisible Legacy of the 1990 Syracuse Lacrosse Team

The undefeated Orangemen of 1990 are widely considered the greatest college lacrosse team of all time. Thanks to the NCAA, they remain, officially, nonexistent.
Evan Grossman
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Hampton University's Lacrosse Team Aims to Break Stereotypes

This year, Hampton University became the first historically black university to field a men's lacrosse team in 35 years.
Evan Grossman
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Meet WhirlyBall, The Goofy Lacrosse-In-Golf-Carts Sport That Wants To Take Over The World

WhirlyBall is a silly sport that sticks players in goofy little vehicles and whose rules combine polo, lacrosse, and basketball. It is fun, but also ambitious.
B. David Zarley
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The Thompson Brothers Bring Lacrosse Home to the Iroquois

After centuries of white men appropriating the game, the Thompsons' effective streetball style gives them a shot to win gold for the Iroquois.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Uptown Lacrosse: Bringing Lax to Harlem

VICE Sports followed Javon and his friends to see what made lacrosse their sport of choice in one of Manhattan's most iconic neighborhoods. Made possible by the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation.
VICE Sports