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Got Milk? Neo-Nazi Trolls Sure as Hell Do

There’s word going around that milk has been nefariously co-opted and transformed into the preeminent symbol of both Neo-Nazis and the “alt-right”
Alex Swerdloff

China's Demand for Cheese Is Skyrocketing Even If No One There Can Digest It

Now importing more than half a billion dollars worth of cheese every year, China is ready to embrace all the mozzarella and Cheddar you can fork over.
Javier Cabral

Bio-Hackers Are Using Human DNA To Make Vegan Cheese

The process of making dairy cheese isn't always ethically rosy. One San Francisco-based bio-hacker group is currently working on synthesizing a cheese product from bovine and human caseins. We spoke to them to find out what the hell is going on here.
Wendy Syfret

Ass Milk Is the Drink of Choice for European Babies and Elderly Chinese

With lactose intolerance and allergies on the rise, cow milk consumption has been on the downslope for four decades.
Lauren Rothman

Girl Eats Food: Ooh Baby, I like It Raw (Milk)

I hang out with dairy farmer Stephen Hook and his really chill cows to learn about unpasteurized milk, which can treat everything from eczema to asthma—and maybe even my lactose intolerance. Oh, and I also make some breast milk ice cream.
Jo Fuertes-Knight
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Stop Freaking Out and Eat Some Damn Gluten

Food intolerances are miserable as hell. But even though figures might suggest they're increasing, we probably need to stop worrying that gluten is bad for us (read: make us fat) and get on with our lives.
Amy Fleming

Girl Eats Food: Fake Cheese Cheesecake

A dairy extravaganza that'll put your after-dinner cheeseboard to shame.
Jo Fuertes-Knight