Phil Mickelson Joins Twitter, Engages Tiger Woods in Weak Trash Talk

Also, the match between Tiger and Phil is on, taking place in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Today's Teens Are Lame as Hell, Study Finds

Research indicates teenagers are waiting longer than ever to date, drive, have sex, or drink booze.
Drew Schwartz
Thinkpieces And Shit

The Nominations for the BBC Music Awards Reveal How Male-Dominated the UK Music Industry Has Become

Will Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith whinge us all into an early cultural grave?
Emma Garland
Motherboard Blog

Science Finally Explained How Cool Things Become Lame

It's the same thing you figured out in high school.
Jason Koebler

Corpse Brides, Forced Abortions, Infanticide, and Child Trafficking: The Modern-Day Consequences of China's One-Child Policy

China's one-child policy has created a long list of horrors that, besides child trafficking, includes infanticide, infant abandonment, and forced abortions, all used by families desperate to meet the set child quotas. Some sources estimate that 1...
Camille Standen
The Imposters Issue

Burning Man Vs. Superstorm Sandy

Yes, a bunch of people who head out to the middle of a desert in Nevada every year to do a bunch of drugs, dress up like gay aliens, and light a bunch of shit on fire have formed what appears to be an extremely efficient charitable organization that...
Dan Glass

Five Things That Nobody Is Allowed to Joke About Ever Again

There are a billion other awful things to mock, Twitter.
Glen Coco
The Fashion Issue 2010

Miss Arganzuela 1981

I found a bag of photo negatives when I was drunk one night in Madrid. And being drunk, I took them home with me. In the bag, alongside almost 70 pounds of negs, were a photographer’s work permit and a shoe with a built-up heel.
Elena Grimaldi, Photos by an Unknown Enthusiast of