land rights

Lava Land

Who Owns the New Land Created By a Volcano in Hawaii?

What the law says about staking a claim to that hot new stuff.
Sarah Emerson
land rights

The Indian Government Is Displacing Indigenous People to Plant Trees

A misguided environmental law is threatening the lives of the people who have protected India's forests for centuries.
Gaurav Madan

The Fight to Protect This Swath of Wilderness Is Going to Canada’s Supreme Court

The Peel Watershed, in the Yukon, is one of the largest intact pieces of wilderness left in North America. The Supreme Court will decide its fate.
Farnia Fekri

The Dakota Access Water Protectors Were Leaving—Then Came Trump’s Order

After Trump's order greenlighting construction of the pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is ready to fight again.
Paul Spencer

The Standing Rock Water Protectors Aren’t Leaving

We asked water protectors around camp what they plan to do after Dakota Access Pipeline construction was halted.
Avery White

What We Know About the Crackdown on Cliven Bundy and the Oregon Occupiers

The People vs. Citizens for Constitutional Freedom isn't going to be a simple trial.
Mike Pearl

What Are Armed Militiamen Really Doing in That Oregon Wildlife Refuge?

The Bundy Revolution doesn't seem to be catching on.
Mike Pearl

Uranium Minefield: Middle Men Are Bleeding Aboriginal Land Dry

The Australian Government has approved a new uranium mine on Indigenous land, despite ongoing investigations of corruption. While millions are being made in mining profits, some Indigenous landowners still live in poverty.
Jack Callil

The Long Struggle of Mexico's Tarahumara Tribe to Hold on to Its Last Bit of Land

For centuries, Mexico's Tarahumara have been chased into the mountains by conquistadors, missionaries, and mining operations. Now real estate developers want some of the last rocky land the tribe has left and the priceless view that goes along with it...
Weston Phippen