Houston is bringing in other towns' garbage fleets after Harvey

VICE News spent the day with the City of San Antonio’s solid waste management department as they were deployed to the neighborhood of Kingwood to clear the streets.


How Bad is it to Eat Expired Food if it Still Smells Okay?

That expiration date isn't the boss of you.


These $22 Individually Wrapped Strawberries Are a New Low in Wasteful Packaging

The single berries come nestled inside a Styrofoam sock on top of a pile of faux hay inside of a plastic-covered paper box—a practice that is not only inefficient and wasteful, but gaudy and, frankly, stupid.


Why a New York Winemaker Created a Garbage-Themed Rosé

Yup. "No Trash! De Blasio Blush" is the acerbically titled rosé that Eagle Crest Vineyards is rolling out as part of their protest against the proposed $3.3 billion, 20-year contract to send trainloads of New York City’s finest garbage to Seneca...


Why 30 World Leaders Ate a Lunch Made Out of Trash This Weekend

At yesterday's UN summit in New York City, the food-waste-themed menu included dishes such as "Landfill Salad" and a burger made of vegetable scraps. Here's why.


Dying Is Pretty Bad for the Environment

New evidence shows that cremation may be worse for us than we thought. Which doesn't leave a whole lot of options if you're aiming for a green death.


Scientists Are Trying to Package Your Potato Chips in Shrimp Carcasses

A new, sustainably-produced type of food packaging makes use of a surprising ingredient.


Britain Is Joyously Ruining Halloween

Martha Stewart just spit out her pumpkin spice latte, because although Brits are joyously carving Jack-o'-lanterns, most would rather dump the innards in the trash than eat the delicious pumpkin scraps. Luckily, one Briton is on a mission to saving...


The Green Chemistry Poised to Turn Landfill Gas Into Real Energy

A peculiar mineral might be the solution for catalysts turning landfill gas to hydrogen.


Raptor Drones Will Save Birds from Themselves

A Dutch company is making "robobirds" that scare birds away from airports, landfills, and other avian death traps.


A 'Dumpcano' in the Canadian Arctic Has Been Burning for Eight Weeks

It’s one of the worst examples of landfill operations in the Americas right now. The city of Iqaluit has been struggling to extinguish a fire in its local dump. The city has finally come up with a $2.2 million plan to extinguish it.