Irish Teachers Are Memeing on Instagram to Preserve Their Threatened Language

After Ireland's data regulator said that Irish people don't have an "absolute" right to traditional name spellings in official databases, some teachers are fighting back on social media.


How Anti-Abortion Language Shapes Pro-Choice Advocacy

The anti-abortion camp coined many of the words we use to talk about abortion, leaving our understanding of the practice shaped by an inherent bias against it.


What a Keto Diet Cheat Meal Might Do to Your Body

After a week of eating low-carb and high-fat, reintroducing carbs to the diet might negatively affect your blood vessels.


Fans Don't Need to Know Korean to Enjoy K-Pop, But It Helps

Korean class enrolments rose by 13.7% between 2013 and 2016, making it the 11th most studied language in the US. How much of this is to do with K-pop?


How Black Women Made GIFs Into a Language of Self-Expression

GIFs give voice to Black women who, because of their shared erasure and oppression, often communicate in a silent dialogue.


How Black Queers Made 'Sis' a Gender Neutral Term of Endearment

"Sis" is an evolved expression, rooted in the Christian church and revolutionized by queer Black people—and it's not a term everyone can or should use.


'Bringing Home the Bacon' Is Exclusionary, According to Vegans

PETA, unsurprisingly, has something to say about this.


A Rhetoric Professor Explains How to Win an Online Argument

"The right way of telling someone to fuck off is to stop talking and end the conversation."


The ‘Farmosopher’ Creating Language for Our Climate Doom and Rebirth

Retired professor Glenn A. Albrecht has coined new words to describe the full range of positive and negative emotions we have toward the environment.


#MeToo, a Movement Reliant on Reporting, Reveals the Limits of Journalism

Because of legal obligations, writing—and reading—journalism about #MeToo means suspending belief in people who come forward about sexual assault.


Learning an Instrument Can Make Children Better Readers

Students demonstrated improved phonological awareness—the awareness of words’ sound structure—which is a key component in learning to read.


Emojis Bridged the Language Barrier Between Me and My Father

They're doing the same for many in households that speak multiple languages.