Powerful Photos of What Was Left Behind by America's Secret War in Laos

In her series, Operation Palace Dog, photographer Sadie Wechsler looks for ways to capture the veiled impact of American power in Laos.


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Bananacoin Is a Real-Life Cryptocurrency—and People Are Actually Buying It

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In Laos, People Are Recycling Bombs from the Vietnam War into Jewelry

Local artisans and two women with very different connections to the bombings in Laos have come together to clear contaminated land and improve the local economy.


When Nightmares Literally Kill You

After 100 healthy men died in their sleep, a researcher came to a chilling conclusion: Their belief in the night spirit is what killed them.


Nation of Immigrants: Little Laos in Rural Iowa

"Not a lot of people know what Laos is and he's built himself his own Laos. This is his comfort."


Southeast Asia Is a Mirrored World at the 2016 Singapore Biennale

Multimedia mirrors and full-scale replicas of household bomb shelters took center stage at the Singapore Biennale.


Across the Mekong: The Life and Times of Master Song

The head trainer of Canada's Kai Singthong gym fled civil war in Laos, swam across the Mekong River into Thailand, and spent four years in and out of a refugee camp before starting a new life through Muay Thai.


Inside the US Effort to Clear Millions of Vietnam-Era Bombs in Laos

In some of Laos's impoverished rural villages, bomb craters have left the earth resembling the surface of the moon. The effort to clear Laos of war-era bombs goes on.


Trio of Middle-Aged Women Caught With $3 Million Worth of Heroin at Chicago Airport

Similar arrests have taken place this year, where women from Minnesota were trafficking contraband from Laos.