Texas City Offered a Building for $1 So Migrants Wouldn’t Have to Go to Court in a Tent. The Government Said No.

DHS has reportedly set aside millions for the tent facility they're using instead.


Texas Seeks Death Penalty for Border Agent Who Allegedly Killed Four Women

Juan David Ortiz was indicted on a capital murder charge after allegedly killing four women he targeted for doing sex work.


Inside the Border Town That Would Be Split in Two by Trump's Wall

Donald Trump has called Laredo dangerous, but residents here are more worried about his proposed policies than crime.


Mexico Sends US-Born Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Back Home to Face Charges

Edgar Valdez Villareal became a somewhat larger-than-life figure after his arrest in 2010 when he smirked before news cameras and boasted that a movie would be made about his life in the drug world.


Mexican Naval Troops Kill Six After Black Hawk Helicopter Comes Under Attack

The incident on Sunday south of Nuevo Laredo near the US border is the latest involving attacks on Mexican military helicopters by suspected drug cartel gunmen.


Streets of Laredo's "Laredo" Is a Mood Changer

Consume this with your morning bagel and download it for free.


Patriot Group Promises to Shut Down Ports of Entry Along US-Mexico Border

"Unsettled and deeply concerned" citizens will demonstrate against illegal immigration and demand the release of a Marine detained in Mexico by blocking traffic.