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Larry Clark Is Still Making Movies About Young People Fucking

"I've been a photographer for almost 60 years, so I know who the camera likes."
Seth Ferranti
Noisey Hitlist

Ferris Wheels and Frolicking on the Grass

Viva Victoria’s video for “Round and Round” is somewhere between a Larry Clark film and footage you filmed drunk in the park this summer.
Ryan Bassil

True Stories from an Unseen Archive of 90s NYC Skateboarding

Photographers Mel Stones and High documented the "kids" who came to be known as New York skateboarding royalty.
Anthony Pappalardo
Remembering Things

The Story of How Lou Barlow and 'KIDS' Soundtracked the Summer of 1995

We talk with Barlow about collaborating with Harmony Korine to create the songs for Larry Clark's groundbreaking film—from the highs of The Folk Implosion's biggest hit to the subsequent major label pressure and fallout.
Cam Lindsay
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Noisey Beats 1: Jim Jarmusch, Iggy Pop, Saba, Larry Clark, and More

We'll also hear from Native American rappers Thomas X and Tall Paul Tune about their recent performance at Standing Rock.
Noisey Staff

Is the Future of Fine Art in Hollywood's Hands?

Josh Roth of United Talent Agency wants to offer artists the best business insight of both Hollywood and the white cube world, and his team at UTA's relatively-fresh fine arts division might shake up any boundaries between the two.
Zach Sokol

Obsess Over Boy Culture at a New Fashion Exhibit in London

'Mad About The Boy,' at Fashion Space Gallery at the London College of Fashion, examines representations of masculinity on the runway.
Antwaun Sargent
Remembering Things

Are the Kids still 'KIDS'? Revisiting the Skate Crew Behind the Classic Film

Brown bagging it in Washington Square Park with the original skate-punk ruffians on the 20th Anniversary of the Larry Clark / Harmony Korine film.
Derek Scancarelli
Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta

Talking to the Kids of 'Kids,' 20 Years Later

Leo Fitzpatrick, Hamilton Harris, and more discuss the rebellious New York of the 90s that made sex, skating, and hip-hop legendary.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez

This Photo Show is Awash with Lust

'The Spring Cleaning' show takes place in an actual laundromat.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez

The 'Kids' Are Alright, Even Though They're Adults Now

Chloë Sevigny, Rosario Dawson, Leo Fitzpatrick, Larry Clark, and Harmony Korine reunite for BAM's 20th anniversary screening of 'Kids.'
Emerson Rosenthal

Rosario Dawson Looks Back at ‘Kids’ 20 Years Later

We caught up with actress Rosario Dawson on the day of BAM's anniversary screening of Harmony Korine and Larry Clark's raw, NYC teenage classic.
Rebecca Bates