Las Vegas Shooting

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MGM Resorts Is Suing Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting to Avoid Liability

In a move one lawyer called "outrageous."
Lauren Messman
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If You Want to Change Gun Violence in the US After the March For Our Lives, Join These Advocacy Groups

These groups are making sure not one more life is lost to gun violence.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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Campaigns Against NRA-Backed Corporations Could Force Congress to Finally Act on Gun Control Reform

Consumers are calling on big business to take a stance against the NRA and enforce stricter gun-related policies. Congress should pay attention.
Jasper Craven
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Congress Should Take Its Cues from Gun Control at the Local Level

Community leaders are driving change through sit-ins, demonstrations, and education that have led to legislative action at the state level.
Emily Weitz
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ERPO Laws Gain Traction in the Gun Control Debate Post-Parkland

To some, extreme risk protection orders that take away firearms from dangerous people are a mental health and public safety no-brainer.
Kimberly Lawson
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Vote in These Decisive 2018 Races to Make Gun Control Reform a Reality

Here's how to rebalance the conversation around how elected officials deal with gun control in your state.
Katelyn Harrop
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Here Are the Gun Control Bills That Stand a Chance of Passing in Congress and Saving Lives

The country doesn't need thoughts and prayers from lawmakers anymore. The country needs legislative action.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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The NRA's Influence on Lawmakers After Parkland Represents the Worst of Washington

The gun lobby's sophisticated advocacy machine continues to be more important to some in the nation's capital than the victims of Newtown, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland -- and future victims too.
Jasper Craven
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Students Plan 'March for Our Lives' to End Gun Violence and Mass Shootings in Schools

The March and planned school walkouts in Washington DC and local communities will pressure Congress to finally take action on gun control.
Aaron Barksdale
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The GOP-Led Congress Must Fix America's Gun Crisis Now

Why isn’t Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell's Republican government doing anything to stop this from happening again and again and again?
Matt Branham

Here's What to Do to Make Sure 2018 Isn't the Deadliest Year for Mass Shootings in the US

19 states are taking proactive preventative measures against the nation’s mass shooting epidemic.
Katelyn Harrop
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America's New Gun Control Bill Won't Prevent Mass Death

Senators have introduced a new bill to shore up America's background check system, and it might pass. But it ignores some pretty glaring loopholes.
Allie Conti