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Last Call: Meet the Karaoke Savant of LA’s Wild, Celebrity-Studded Koreatown Bar Scene

“You gotta do it. It’s like Fight Club. This is Sing Club. If this is your very first night at a karaoke bar, you have to sing.”
Jill Kapinus

Last Call: The Owner of Merida's Oldest Cantina Is Surprised They're on Yelp

"Sure, El Cardenal is not the same as it was 100 years ago, but that’s because we’re not the same as we were 100 years ago."
Diana Spechler
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Last Call: Bella Haig Has Kept Punks, Hippies, and Movie Stars in Line at Canter's Deli for 50 Years

Plus: Haig reveals which Guns n’ Roses member has the most beautiful handwriting!
Eduardo L. Perro
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Last Call: Dan Tana's Veteran Bartender Can Drink 20 Shots a Night and Has Kept 50 Years of Hollywood Secrets

"My nickname is Dr. Kevorkian Slow Death. I feed [people] alcohol, I feed them cigarettes, I feed them Viagra."
Eduardo L. Perro
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Last Call: This Iconic Paris Bartender's Drinks Will Make You Fall in Love

William Oliveri thought he'd only work at 228 Bar for a few months, but since 1978, he's stuck around to serve Dali, Sophia Loren, and royalty.
Emily Monaco
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Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

For our new bartender advice column, we spoke to Bay Area legend Gina Parle ("Jeannie") of the Warehouse Cafe, who taught us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason
MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

This 70-Year-Old Bar Landlady Has Served Pete Doherty, Nuns, and Dock Workers

Welcome back to Last Call, where we visit watering holes to collect life advice from their trusty barkeepers. In a special MUNCHIES Guide to British Food edition, we meet 70-year-old Sandra Esquilant at London's Golden Heart pub.
Josh Barrie
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Last Call: How This Bartender Counters Death Threats with Dive Bar Diplomacy

"I was passing a security shop and actually considered buying a bulletproof vest. That’s when I decided to quit."
James Clasper
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Last Call: The Perils of Running a Bar By Yourself

To enter Pharmacy is to enter owner Chris Harper's brain and see his vision of what a bar should be.
Nick Rose

This Legendary Chicago Bartender Will Serve You Marriage and Financial Advice

"I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble. The only gambling I do is in real estate. I drink tea and room temperature water. I get drunk off of 7Up."
Nicole Schnitzler
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Last Call: One of Berlin's Oldest Cocktail Bars Will Put Chicken Skin in Your Drink

"Drinking a beer at a cocktail bar is like going to a brothel to jerk off in the toilet."
Liv Fleischhacker

Inside the Secret Manchester Pub That Only Serves Bartenders

The Seven Oaks opens from midnight until 8 AM, catering exclusively to bar staff clocking off from their shifts. And with so many bartenders in one place, things can soon get rowdy.
Kamila Rymajdo