Essays Was the Only Music Social Network That Made Sense

Inside the rise and fall of, the social network that understood how online music worked and that resembled bits of Facebook, Songkick, Blogspot, and Spotify.
Elia Alovisi

The Founder of Is Creating the Future of Audio Technology

"It took me almost 40 years to understand that I am not into music, but into listening. There's a big difference. But once you get that, everything is music."
Markus Lust

Big Data Confirms Rap Was the Biggest Innovation in Pop Since 1960

Researchers quantified the features of American Billboard Hot 100 songs over 50 years.
Ben Richmond

Your Musical Taste As A Multi-Interface Map

An update on’s Last Chart allows you to interact with a visualization of your listening data.
Abdullah Saeed
Motherboard Blog

New Research Suggests That My City Is Totally Way Cooler Than Yours

In 1997 I moved from Detroit to Colorado's Front Range. The Front Range isn't rural by any means -- constituting Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and a great many lesser places -- basically making up a big vertical smear of mile-high...
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

As The Cloud Descends, Can Google Music Beta Make it Rain?

Yesterday Google announced "Music Beta": It’s essentially a service that allows to you upload your personal music collection to the cloud so you can stream it anywhere on any device when you please; keeping the media and...
Tobias "Inofaith" Heemskerk