Hollywood Is Failing Miserably at Latinx Representation, Study Shows

A report by USC's Annenberg Inclusion Initiative found a severe lack of Latinx characters and actors in film.
Alex Zaragoza
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Why Are So Many Latinos Converting to Islam?

We go behind the scenes of VICE's documentary series 'Minority Reports.'
VICE Staff

This Campaign Empowers the Latino Community by Finally Making it Easy to Vote

The Power of 18 uses a mobile-friendly voter tool to energize communities ahead of the 2018 midterm election.
Alice Rowsome
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Most Millennials Have $0 for Retirement and We're All Fucked

A shocking new report calls this "deeply troubling." No kidding.
Allie Conti
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Hispanic Heritage Month is Right Now, and Here's How You Can Help Communities in Need

During this 30-day period of celebration, here are some of the most pressing issues affecting Latino communities that need to be addressed.
Aaron Barksdale
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This Museum Exhibit Depicts the History of Latinx Farmworkers

The unveiling of 'Estamos Aquí' has been a catalyst for curiosity about the Latino community in Northeast Wisconsin.
Esther Tseng

Trump Loves to Hate This Machete-Toting Gang

The notoriously brutal MS-13 gang recruits undocumented people from abroad, making them a perfect foil for Donald Trump. The only problem: Their victims are often immigrants, too.
Michael Edison Hayden
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Meet the 'Beer Thugs' of Los Angeles

Most of the members are old punks, potheads, and skinheads. It usually takes a current member to vouch for you and bring you into the inner circle.
Javier Cabral

Black Radicalism in the Age of Castro

In our new Donald Trump reality, black radicals will not react as they did in the 1960s and 70s, when Fidel Castro welcomed some fugitives to his shores.
Ron Howell
election 2016

What's next for Texas border communities that voted against Trump in record numbers

Meredith Hoffman
election 2016

Latino voters could decide the election. Here's what we know about turnout so far.

Tess Owen

Why I Hate Hispanic Heritage Month

Instead of creating any real change, it's largely become an opportunity for advertisers to pander to Latinos in the United States.
Alejandro Ramirez