laughing gas


A Brief, 200-Year History of Humanity’s Love for Laughing Gas

People were using it to get high in the 1700s—long before anyone used it to decorate cakes.


Thieves in the UK Keep Stealing Laughing Gas from Hospitals

Steal NOS and sell it in balloons at a rave, and you've made $800 of pure profit, so it's no wonder thefts are on the rise.


America Is Currently in the Midst of a Massive Nitrous Oxide Shortage

Which means a lack of canned whipped cream and legal highs this holiday season.


Memes Mediate an Artist's Trip to the Dentist

“Laughing Gas” is on view a part of Made In L.A at the Hammer Museum.


We Made the Rounds with a Whippits Dealer

Before the UK's Psychoactive Substances Act makes his business too risky to pursue, a British nitrous oxide dealer invited us to accompany him on his rounds.


I Tried Laughing Gas Therapy to See if It Could Dull My Traumatic Memories

A neuroscientist at University College London is studying whether or not NOS can help people forget distressing events, so I volunteered to be one of his guinea pigs.


Psychologists Showed People a Traumatic Film Then Gave Them Laughing Gas

What's a good analogue for real psychological trauma? Watching Gaspar Noé's 'Irréversible.'


There Was a Laughing-Gas Protest Party Outside Westminster This Weekend

Demonstrators gathered in Parliament Square to inhale NOS in protest against the UK government's new Psychoactive Substances Bill, which bans basically anything that'll get you high.


Why Are London Cops So Worried About Laughing Gas?

For Lambeth council, clamping down on NOS canister litter is an easier win that focusing on the borough's real drug issues.


A Generation of Entrepreneurs Are Being Stunted By Britain's Laughing-Gas Ban

What will become of the young men setting up shop outside East London's night clubs?


In Defense of Poppers

The UK government just banned a ton of "legal highs"—including amyl nitrate, the popular party drug that's actually less dangerous than many alternative substances.


English Dorms Are a Battleground for Rival Rave Promoters

Promoters are getting ever more competitive when it comes to shouting about their events, and it's causing a massive headache for the University of Leeds.