Laurent Fabius


Leaders Link Climate Change And Terrorism at Opening of Paris Climate Summit

Over 150 heads of state are gathered in the French capital for the first day of talks aimed at securing an international agreement on climate change.


A French Woman Held Hostage for 153 Days in Yemen Has Returned Home

Isabelle Prime was freed Thursday and returned to France after she was abducted in February by an unknown group in Yemen while working on a development project.


Indonesian Court Rejects Appeal by Frenchman on Death Row for Drug Trafficking

Serge Atlaoui, 51, had contested Indonesian President Joko Widodo's refusal to pardon him after he was sentenced to death for working at an ecstasy lab.


Iran Nuclear Negotiations Are Kind of Hard

Old vendettas, new impasses, conspiracy theories, and a whole bunch of mistrust — welcome to negotiations over Iran's nuclear program.