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The Shed, London's Fake No.1 Restaurant, Is Helping Lawmakers Decipher Fake News

Our journalism is having an important effect on the world.
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Phone Crackers

Lawmakers Call FBI's 'Going Dark' Narrative 'Highly Questionable' After Motherboard Shows Cops Can Easily Hack iPhones

US lawmakers have asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to answer questions around phone unlocking technology, after Motherboard found agencies have bought tools to crack iPhones.
Joseph Cox
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Yet Another Woman Has Accused Al Franken of Sexual Misconduct

She's the sixth person to come forward with allegations against the Minnesota senator.
Drew Schwartz
sexual assault

As DeVos Rolls Back Protections, Dems Introduce Bill to Help Campus Rape Victims

Rep. Jackie Speier says The Title IX Protection Act is needed to prevent discrimination against sexual assault survivors on campus, whose rights are threatened under Betsy DeVos' new interim guidelines.
Kimberly Lawson
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Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor

If Governor Kate Brown signs the approved bill into law, it would give first-time offenders with small amounts of drugs less jail time and lower fines.
Allie Conti
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Republicans in Congress Don't Want to Look into Trump's Ties to Russia

The Republican majority has declined to sign off on Democrats' written requests that the FBI investigate Trump.
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California Passes Bill to Give Low-Income Families Money for Diapers

California could soon become the first state to provide diaper expense subsidies to poor families. A policy expert explains why more subsidies like this are needed.
Candace Bryan
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California Is Passing a Law to Prevent Another Brock Turner Sentencing Controversy

The new law, which unanimously passed the California State Assembly Monday, would require prison time without parole for anyone convicted of raping an unconscious person.
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The Activists Fighting to Improve New York's Stunted Medical Marijuana System

We meet the outspoken advocates for New York's medical marijuana program urging lawmakers to improve the system's restrictions and provide better coverage for patients.
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How One Mom Is Coping with New York's Restrictive Medical Weed Program

We find out how one mom is getting around New York's medical marijuana restrictions to get the strong dose of cannabis oil she needs to help treat her daughter's severe epilepsy.
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Has the United States Run Out of Ways to Make the Death Penalty More Humane?

As lethal injection drugs become harder to get, lawmakers are struggling to come up with humane alternatives for death row inmates.
Jules Suzdaltsev