Listen to Conor Oberst's New Single with Phoebe Bridgers, "LAX"

The standalone song was produced by Simone Felice.


You Can Bring Your Weed to the LA Airport Now

LAX is totally cool with passengers packing it in their carry-ons—but if it's illegal where you land, that's on you.


Meet the Good Dogs Making Air Travel Less Stressful

A day with the dogs of LAX's Pets Unstressing Passengers program.


Watch #MuslimBan Protesters in LA Chant Swet Shop Boys' "T5"

"Inshallah, mashallah, hopefully no martial law"


Carrie Fisher Reportedly Had a Heart Attack Onboard a Flight to LA

Paramedics rushed her to the hospital around noon on Friday.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Nine people were killed and 40 more were injured in Chicago gun violence over the weekend, LAX was evacuated after police received false reports of gunshots, the US accepts its 10,000th Syrian refugee, and more.


Killer Mike Won't Vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

The rapper and outspoken Bernie Sanders fan said that voting for either one is "voting for the same thing."


WSJ Reporter: Homeland Security Tried to Take My Phones at the Border

The case highlights just how powerful border agents purport to be.


A College Student Got Kicked Off His Flight for Talking About Chicken in Arabic

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was raving in Arabic about an awesome dinner he'd had, so some passenger reported him for making "threatening comments."


Flight Attendant Who Ditched Cocaine and Designer Shoes Arrested in New York

The unnamed woman is accused of attempting to smuggle 68 pounds of cocaine in her luggage.


Flight Attendant Disappears After Ditching Gucci Heels and 66 Pounds of Cocaine at LAX

The woman fled the Los Angeles airport and left behind two bags loaded with drugs after she was pulled aside by TSA officers for a random screening.