Naps, Ranked

The 12 most memorable types of naps.


'Weed Troll,' Today's Comic by Julia Ploch

Being a Troll is tough, especially when you are too high and lazy to move.


Hot Summers Are the Perfect Time for Eating Stinky Cheese

Sometimes it's too fucking hot to turn on a stove or exist inside an apartment. And when faced with the bursting farmers markets and the overwhelming selections at the nearest cheese counter, sometimes, less is more, and simple is good.


Why People Think Potheads Are Lazy: A History

How the government and Big Pharma convinced us that stoners were dumbasses, and how marijuana legalization might just change that.


What Air Conditioning Can Teach Us About Innovation and Laziness

For more than 100 years, the cool breezes of air conditioning have taken hold around the world. It took us about as long to even consider the side effects.


The Weirdest Excuses College Students Give Their Teachers

"I'm sorry I didn't make it to the presentation, but my house was surrounded by a giant swarm of bees"


Being Lazy at Work Is Actually Good, Says Study

Even ant colonies have some slackers who do the ant equivalent of scroll through Facebook all day long.


Everyone's Procrastinating in Today's Comic from Nina Van Denbempt

"Tomorrow I'll get up early and do everything I didn't do today."


A Press Trip for 'The Revenant' Convinced Me I'd Have No Chance of Surviving in the Wild

Would I be able to survive a bear attack, make a fire, build a stretcher, and stalk prey? In a word, no.


Dale Talde Taught Me How to Be a Lazy Cook

Top Chef alum Dale Talde has shrugged off fancy food and ditched molecular gastronomy, deciding instead to choose his battles more wisely in the kitchen.


Kansas City Punk: Dispatches from "Flyover Country"

Eleven bands to know from the literal middle of the country.


Australians Are Literally Plundering Seafood Shops Over the Holidays

Christmas in Australia is an unconventional affair, usually trademarked by barbecued shrimp and pool floats. But as a result, some shops are being literally robbed for their precious seafood.