lazy bear


27 of the Coolest Restaurants and Bars in San Francisco

Whether you want world-class fine dining, incredible dim sum, fresh-outta-the-ocean sushi, a strong rum drink served out of a whole pineapple, or just views that will take your breath away, SF is paradise.


How to Survive a Seven-Drink Tasting Menu Without Blacking Out

A typical beverage pairing at San Francisco's Lazy Bear includes up to six wines, in addition to cocktails and punches. How can guests manage to throw so many drinks without passing out on the beautifully set communal table?


The Best Rice Pudding Has a Little Funk

We decided to kick off the weekend in the best possible way with the new king of rice puddings: koji rice pudding.


Chef's Night Out: Maya Erickson of Lazy Bear

Lazy Bear pastry chef Maya Erickson takes us out for shots, soju, ribs, oysters, and salmon collar at her favorite haunts in San Francisco's Mission District.


How Gothic Romanticism Inspires My Desserts

My desserts are kind of like my taste in music and my wardrobe. I definitely consider myself to be a little witchy in the way I dress every day, and I love the Misfits and Black Flag.