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Le Tigre Talk Clinton Support, Disabling the Comments, and Secret Feminism in 2016

"It's actually very disturbing to see the unacceptable hate speech emerging from Hillary's critics from the right and from the left."


Kathleen Hanna on Tokenism, Therapy, and Where Riot Grrrl Went Wrong

The leader of The Julie Ruin and Le Tigre sat down with us for a particularly hard-hitting episode of Q&As w/ KTB.


With The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna Hits Reset

Hanna's most personal record yet is about "finally being able to write songs about my own personal anger, not just about my political anger," she says. "I've really had to relearn how to exist."


Get Nice and Sweaty with This Guest Mix from Le Tigre's JD Samson

Ahead of this Saturday's Yo! Sissy party, soak in an hour or so of deeply decadent house and disco.


The Last Lesbian Bars

Why are all of America's lesbian bars shutting down? Broadly host JD Samson travels across the country to find out.


Kate Nash on Feminism and the Internet

The singer, songwriter, and activist talks to host JD Samson about how she harnesses the internet to create a post-riot grrrl feminist community.


JD Samson's Life After MEN

JD Samson's queer art and music collective MEN has decided to call it quits, so we spoke to the queer icon about what's next.


​Watch Pussy Riot Perform 'Deceptacon' and Jarvis Cocker Cover Celine Dion at the VICE 20-Year Anniversary Party

Starting today we'll be releasing footage from each of the sets, beginning with Pussy Riot's cover of Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" and Jarvis Cocker's rousing rendition of "The Power of Love."


Photos from Our 20th Birthday Party

We threw a huge party for our family and friends!


PREMIERE: Le Tigre's JD Samson Adds a Spacey Bounce to Mirah's "24th St."

And perfectly captures how a breakup is bittersweet.


PAWS' "Deceptacon" Cover is a Jangly Love Letter to Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna

It came to them while recording their new album, 'Youth Culture Forever.'


Go See The Punk Rock Girls Film Series at BAM

Well what else are you doing this month? And anyway, Kathleen Hanna would want you to.