These Maps Reveal the Worst Neighborhoods for Lead Poisoning in NYC, Boston, and Chicago

Our interactive maps display the childhood lead levels of neighborhoods in three major U.S. cities.
Natasha Grzincic
Ankita Rao

Millions of Kids Are Exposed to Lead Because the U.S. Prefers to Protect Landlords

Exposure to lead can cause permanent brain damage, a lower IQ, and other health problems. But without federal regulations, most people don't know they're impacted until it's too late.
Ankita Rao
flint michigan

Flint, Michigan, Has Been Betrayed — A Lot. Residents Say It’s Happening Again.

“To have faith in someone, for a Flint resident, is taboo.”
Emma Ockerman
Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fire Caused Lead Levels in the Area to Skyrocket

Officials have stressed, however, that lead poisoning is typically something that happens over long periods of exposure.
Tim Marcin

How Newark got lead in its water, and what it means for the rest of America

Close to half of Newark homes tested have lead in their water. Residents are outraged.
Sarah Sax

Detroit schools are shutting off drinking water 5 days before kids come back from summer

The district has now shut off water in a total of 34 schools — including 16 announced on Wednesday — due to water quality issues.
Emma Ockerman
clean water

Chicago's drinking water is full of lead, report says

Lead was found in 70 percent of the 2,797 homes the Chicago Tribune sampled across the city since January of 2016.
Alex Lubben
Flint Water Crisis

Flint health chief could get 15 years for tainted water death

Tess Owen
oil spills

Magnetic Nanoparticles Will Help Clean Oil Spills

In the future, this could also be used to remove lead from drinking water.
Lisa Cumming
Trump's EPA

Obama's EPA Head Is Very Worried About Our Health

Motherboard talks to Gina McCarthy, former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Grennan Milliken
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Flint's water meets federal standards, but residents still aren't drinking it

Allison McCann
Taylor Dolven

Lead Contaminated Drinking Water Is Much More Prevalent Than You Think

Three thousand communities in the US have four times the amount of lead in their water as Flint—partly because of a misunderstood law.
Grennan Milliken