Lead Contamination


The soil in these Indiana towns has 5 times the amount of lead the EPA allows

Their soil is seeped with lead, but the smelting facilities that caused the problem are still operating
Alex Lubben

Chicago has to run water fountains 24/7 to keep lead levels down

Alex Lubben

Flint Residents Are Not Ready to Trust the Government Again

Officials said lead levels have dropped in Flint's water, but an inconclusive federal investigation has residents on edge.
Meredith Rutland Bauer
Flint Water Crisis

Flint's lead crisis will cost each of its children $50,000 in their lifetimes

A lifetime of diminished earnings, welfare dependency and criminal justice costs will add up.
Kayla Ruble
Flint Water Crisis

Obama Says It Will Be Two Years Before Flint's Pipes Are Fixed

Speaking in Flint, Michigan, the president also urged parents to make sure their children were tested for lead poisoning.
Ciara O'Rourke
Flint Water Crisis

As Obama Travels to Flint, Congress Has Yet to Help Lead-Contaminated Cities

The president makes a visit to Flint on Wednesday, a city that has become synonymous with failed government and America's crumbling infrastructure.
Jake Bleiberg
Flint Water Crisis

Flint Residents File $220 Million Suit Against the US Environmental Protection Agency

The suit alleges that the federal agency was negligent in protecting the public from lead-contaminated water, citing agency experts who warned of a problem as early as February 2015.
Reuters and VICE News

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Is Drinking Flint's Water Every Day For a Month

The action, says the governor, is to help restore public trust in the city's drinking water supply, which — if properly filtered — is once again safe to drink, according to state officials.
Jake Bleiberg
Flint Water Crisis

'You Just Don't Get It': Republicans Grill EPA's McCarthy About Flint Water Crisis

Two days of Capitol Hill hearings about Flint, Michigan's contaminated water were dominated by partisan fingerpointing.
Matt Smith

Newark, New Jersey School Officials Admit to Dangerous Levels of Lead Since at Least 2012

Newark's mayor Ras Baraka said austerity, small government, regressive tax reforms, and failure to invest in infrastructure is putting children in communities of color in harm's way.
Jake Bleiberg

It's Still Unclear How Long Chris Christie’s Appointed Managers Knew About Lead in Newark Schools

On the same day that tests revealed half of Newark, New Jersey's schools had elevated levels of lead in drinking water, Gov. Christie called lead contamination an "over-dramatized issue."
Jake Bleiberg

Some Newark, New Jersey Schools Needed New Lead Filters Years Ago, Photographs Show

The manufacturer of the filters recommends replacing them every six months, at least — but images obtained by VICE News show some filters date as far back as 2012.
Jake Bleiberg