leap year


The Celestial Math Behind Leap Year

You can thank the stars for the extra day today.


The Weird World of Leap Year Babies

From online honor societies to battles with Toys R Us and leap year deniers, the lives of leaplings are filled with strange and unexpected joys. At least, ones that only come around once every four years.


Arby's Is Trolling Vegetarians on Leap Day

Arby’s recently announced its plan to effectively troll vegetarians by actually offering a “faux” vegetarian menu on the day that falls only once every four years: Leap Day.


Here Are All the Things You’re Going to Have to Deal with This February

How can we love when the world is clawing against us? How can we feel hope when our New Year's diets have already gone by the wayside, dumped in the lay-by of January like a truck driver's murder victim?


Begging in the Street for Love

There's a man standing at a market in London waiting for you to propose to him.