This Drone Music Video Lights Up the Desert Like an Alien Encounter

For Unkle’s “The Road,” German filmmaker Norbert Schoerner turns a barren desert into a contrasting palette of light and shadow.


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Building the Largest LED Screen in the World

The Burj Khalifa now boasts the world’s largest LED screen.


A Suspended Mesh Installation Transforms at Nightfall

Is it a shadow? A school of fish? Moss? Mist? Or a cloud? Sophia Wheelwright invites you to make your mind up.


Burning Man’s Largest Audio Visualizer? A 1,000' Light Tunnel

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Researchers Set New Record for Data Transmission Using LED Light

This novel technique makes white light out of blue light, allowing for data rates of up to 2 GB/s.


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The Bookmark Light Is Design at Its Brightest

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