Lee Fang


Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid by Painkiller Drug Companies

Researchers who have advocated against legalizing pot have also been on the payroll of top pharmaceutical firms with products that could be easily replaced by using marijuana. Could this be a major conflict of interest in the pot debate?


Trolls Paid by a Telecom Lobbying Firm 
Keep Commenting on My Net Neutrality Articles

Have you ever read the comment section of a blog post or news article and thought: Damn, these trolls must be paid by someone? When it comes to enemies of a free and open internet, at least, they really are.


Obama's New Drug Policy Strategy Is Too Little, Too Late

Continuing to hype the evils of marijuana legalization in the face of all available evidence coming out of Colorado and Washington is silly.


Community Groups Were Duped Into Joining the Telecom Industry's Anti-Net-Neutrality Coalition

What do an environmental group in Ohio, a small military radio program, and a network of rural hospitals in Texas all have in common? They apparently got bamboozled into helping kill net neutrality.


Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support To End Net Neutrality

If cable company-created front groups and other organizations are to be believed, advocates demand the FCC carry on its current path.


Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality

The anti-net-neutrality group Broadband for America claims to be "a coalition of 300 internet consumer advocates, content providers, and engineers." After a little digging, VICE has discovered they are in fact a who's who of ISP industry presidents and...


The Democratic Party's Future Is Awash in Dark Money

Amid talk of a left-wing revival inspired by populists like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and US Senator Elizabeth Warren, corporate titans from finance to natural gas to big retail to telecom are trying to reshape the party of Obama.