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Stream Lee Foss's New Single “Till The Light,” with Infinity Ink

The track is the first single from Foss's debut album, 'Alchemy.'
Britt Julious

Here’s Why Lee Foss Thinks What Happens in the Club Stays in the Club

The Hot Creations label owner recalls some of the weirder moments during his DJ years at Avalon.
Britt Julious
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Lee Foss, Desert Hearts, and More Rally for Chicago Benefit Festival One City

Local activists and musicians want to bring peace to the Windy City.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Lee Foss' New Single Started as a Poem, Then Turned Into a Sunbeam

"The Gift" is the Chicago-born producer's lates bit of bliss.
Colin Joyce
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The DoLab Just Spilled Its 2016 Coachella Lineup

With 54 out-there electronic artists, it's their biggest bill yet.
Festival Season!

Your Guide to Movement Detroit 2015 Afterparties

It probably isn’t humanly possible to make it to every event, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.
Jesse Champagne
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THUMP's Stage at Movement is Born, Raised, and Made in Detroit

We have Carl Craig and his Detroit Love showcase, the legendary Kevin Saunderson, MK, Lee Foss, PHUTURE, and you?
THUMP Canada Staff
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Visionquest and No.19 Host Night Two of #MotorCityMadness at Movement Detroit

Round three of Paradigm Underground afterparties with Ryan Crosson, Lee Foss, and Nick Bassett.
THUMP Canada Staff
jamie jones

Lee Foss Talks the Launch of His Emerald City Imprint With Jamie Jones

We spoke with label boss Lee Foss about the imprint's debut release, Serge Devant & Damiano's "Fearing Love."
Jemayel Khawaja
miami music week

Come to Our Miami Party Palace with Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Jimmy Edgar and More

There will also be an LED bowling alley, candlelit ice skating rink, and so much psychedelic spandex.
Michelle Lhooq
pleasure state

How Lee Foss and Anabel Englund Saved MK from Self-Imposed House Music Exile in Forming Pleasure State

The walls are talking...
Jemayel Khawaja

Stream "Subject Matter," the Final Track Off Pleasure State's Debut Release

Motion to officially induct this state into the USA.
David Garber