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FBI Really Wanted America to Believe Oswald Killed JFK, Files Show

The 2,891 recently released files shed light on the hectic aftermath of the assassination, as well as a significant memo from J. Edgar Hoover.


Thousands of Previously Unseen JFK Assassination Files to Be Released This Week

Experts believe the documents will reveal new info on a trip Lee Harvey Oswald took to Mexico, where he met with Cuban and Russian spies.


Here's What Kurt Cobain Originally Wanted to Do for the  'All Apologies' Video

Bobcat Goldthwait tells us about the time he brainstormed music video ideas with Kurt while on tour with Nirvana.


Trump Is Still Talking About the Cruz JFK Conspiracy Theory

Trump says that Ted Cruz's dad is a "lovely guy," though.


Trump Thinks Ted Cruz's Dad Might Have Helped Kill JFK

Rafael Cruz supported Castro and allegedly handed out fliers with Oswald, but that doesn't mean he wanted to blow JFK's brains out.


New Ted Cruz Conspiracy Theory: Dad Is Connected to JFK's Assassination

Reddit users and the National Enquirer have accused the presidential candidate's father, Raphael Cruz, of being a Castro-loving Cuban who was chummy with Lee Harvey Oswald.


James Franco on Stephen King, J. J. Abrams, and Being a 'Pop Culture Hog'

"I’ve been accused of being ubiquitous, of occupying too much cultural ground."


Komplaint Dept. - Oswald and Dallas… Let Them See What They Have Done

The legend of Lee Harvey Oswald still looms large in Dallas.


Changing the Guard

I’m a high school freshman face down on the desk in English class when the loudspeaker interrupts my sleep. The president is dead. Killed in Dallas. School’s out for the rest of the day, which is good news.


A$AP Rocky Plays JFK in Lana Del Rey's New Video

We have the new music video for Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem," and an interview with President A$AP Kennedy.


Who Killed JFK?

We decided to settle this question once and for all—by sending an intern out on the street to talk to strangers.