Hookworms Rose from Rock Bottom to Find Light in Dance-y Escapism

The former psych-heads’ 'Microshift' uses music as a way to escape inner turmoil, rather than wallow in it.
Tom Connick
viral therapy

A New Viral Therapy Eradicated The Most Untreatable Type of Breast Cancer in 90 Percent of Mice

Two major studies showed combing viruses with other types of therapies could be especially effective at treating immunotherapy resistant cancers in mice.
Daniel Oberhaus
Noisey News

Jeff Rosenstock Soundtracks “Vomit Sesh” On Unreleased Track “Dramamine”

It’s the only song to survive the rental car break-in that scuppered the follow-up to last year’s ‘WORRY.’
Alex Robert Ross
thump exclusive mix

Balearic Social's Incantations Mix is a Masterclass in Reversed Motion

Leeds-based selector Andy Pye keeps things dewy-eyed and balmy on our latest home listening session.
Josh Baines
Color Theory

Rainbow Artist Liz West Wants You to Design Your Own Color Wheel

Known for her immersive rainbow installations, West gathered unique takes from artists and non-artists alike in order to research how we perceive color differently.
Beckett Mufson
activist football in god's own country

Meet Yorkshire St. Pauli, The Activist Fan Club Facilitating Change

If we were searching for a St. Pauli fan club, Leeds might be the last place we’d look. So, what inspires football fans in Yorkshire to support Hamburg’s iconic second-tier club?
Will Magee

How Two Students with a Van Started Manchester’s Coolest Brewery

ShinDigger Brewing Company all began with a home brewing kit George Grant and Paul Delamere bought using their student loans. Now, their beers are stocked in bars across Manchester and the pair are launching a beer delivery app.
Kamila Rymajdo
Britain Votes to Leave the EU

Eyewitnesses describe the killing of British MP Jo Cox

In the wake of the murder of a British MP, VICE News speaks with eyewitnesses at the scene.

Sex Workers Explain What It's Like to Work in a Red Light District

Has the pioneering scheme in Leeds' Holbeck district actually made sex work safer?
Georgie Darling, Photos: Jack Wright
the clever deception of footballers

Jack Wilshere, Harry Kane and Mesut Özil participate in Bizarre “Time To Go, Massimo” Protest Video

Though the exact origins of the clip are unclear, we’re guessing it took some fairly elaborate trickery on one Leeds fan’s part.
Will Magee
thump news

Adult Jazz Forgo the Pop Zeitgeist for the Pop Poltergeist in their New Single "Eggshell"

"Eggshell" is from the EP "Earrings Off!,' which is out May 20 from Tri Angle Records.
Michael Scott Barron

PREMIERE: Eagulls Share Dark as Hell Video for "Skipping"

The video comes from the band's upcoming record 'Ullages' out in May via Partisan, and it might make you want to move into a cave.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Redactie