The UK Weed Activists Lighting Up in Public

These campaigners believe the best way to rid cannabis of its stigma is to just consume it openly in public.
Ali Cedar

What a Legal Recreational Drug Market Would Look Like in the UK

We spoke to a load of experts to understand how legalizing weed, psychedelics, cocaine, pills, and ketamine would actually work.
David Hillier

Chatting with the Man Who Legally Changed His Name to 'Free Cannabis'

Mr. Cannabis has been planting weed seeds in Glastonbury council's flower displays for nearly 20 years. We talked to him about his life ever since he renounced his former identity as a guy named "Rob."
Kyle MacNeill
The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

How to Make Drug Taking Better in 2016

Governments around the world aren't making any great strides, so it looks like drug users are going to have to take it upon themselves.
Max Daly

How Will Legalisation Affect Australia's Illicit Pot Do-Gooders?

A handful of locals already produce medicinal marijuana. We asked how they'll be affected by the legalisation of their business.
Paul Gregoire

We Spoke to the Guy Who Sells Cannabis Grow Kits for Kids

Greg Lonsdale wants kids to learn about hemp, open up debate about weed legalization, and find a solution to the fossil fuel crisis, all at the same time.
Sirin Kale
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Will Be Australia's First State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

This week Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that statewide sales of the drug will commence in 2017.
VICE Staff

The Case for Legalizing Weed This Year in the UK

A petition launched last week has garnered more than enough signatures to get Parliament to debate the legalization of cannabis. But what are the chances of the discussion actually making any difference?
Max Daly

Hanging Out with Helpful Stoners at Australia's MardiGrass Festival

The Polite Force helps control traffic, block roads for parades, and make sure people don't get too freaked out by the real cops when they're too stoned to function.
Laura Rodriguez Castro

An 'Aging Hippie' Has Opened a 'Cannabis Cafe and Hotel' in England

Jonathan Falkus says his unconventional B&B has two rules: "No harder drugs, and don't go upsetting the neighbors."
James Rippingale, Photos: Jake Lewis

We Watched 4000 People Getting Stoned in a Melbourne Park

The city's stoners descended on Flagstaff Gardens yesterday to celebrate pot culture. We mostly went to ask some questions.
David Allegretti

We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if the UK Accidentally Legalized Ecstasy

Would the economy benefit? What about public health? Would xenophobia stop because everyone would be too busy telling each other they're the best friend they've ever had?
James Rippingale