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A Crippled 76-Year-Old Is Rotting in Prison for a Decades-Old Weed Charge

On the lam nearly 25 years for a pot charge in New York, John Forbis was known to his tiny Oregon community as Steve Causey. Then a bum hip forced him to apply for Medicare under his real name.
Aaron Kase

Does Pot Legalization Mean More Kids Will Try It?

It's not just about whether a state legalizes, but the context in which they do.
Madison Margolin
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Are You High? Read Our Best Weed Stories of 2016

With the herb legalized in certain US states, this year has shown that weed can and should be more than an addition to brownie batter.
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Denver Will Be the First US City to Allow the Use of Marijuana in Bars and Restaurants

Denver voters passed Proposition 300, and the use weed in restaurants and bars is now legalized—but there's still a catch before you light up a joint at your table.
Alex Swerdloff

Is Weed Lube a Healthy Alternative to Poppers?

New, adulterated popper formulas are causing eye damage in users (and worse.) Can cannabis oil be the wonder drug that revolutionizes gay sex?
Chase Burns
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Teens Aren't Smoking Weed Even Though It's Legal, Study Says

The study tested 17,000 teenagers across the state of Colorado and found that the rate of teenagers who smoke weed has remained relatively the same since it was legalized two years ago.
VICE Staff

This Washington County Is Spending More Money on Weed than on Basic Groceries

Spokane County, Washington is buying a lot of weed. So much so that the sale of marijuana in that county is outpacing the sale of dietary staples that are considered to be the very staff of life: bread and milk.
Alex Swerdloff
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Weed Is More Popular Than Food in This Washington County

The average household in Spokane County may still spend more on beer than bud, though.
Helen Donahue

Here Are All the Ways You Can Get Rich in the Legal Weed Market

Legalization in parts of the US and Canada is going to increasingly present big opportunities for entrepreneurs who like getting stoned. Here's how to get your slice of the multi-billion dollar market.
Manisha Krishnan
The Weed Eater

Is Weed-Infused Hemp Gruel the Key To World Peace?

As weed becomes legalized, we should take a look at all of the wonderful culinary ways in which it can benefit the Earth's future.
David Bienenstock