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I'm a Teen from Newtown Who's Fighting for Gun Control

Jenny Wadhwa was in sixth grade when a gunman attacked Sandy Hook Elementary and murdered 26 of her friends and neighbors.
Jenny Wadhwa
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These Three Billboards Outside Marco Rubio's Office Demanded Gun Control

Activists paraded the billboards around Miami following the Parkland high school shooting that killed 17.
Drew Schwartz
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Vermont Just Moved One Step Closer to Legalizing Weed

The House approved a bill on Wednesday that could make the state the first to legalize pot without voter initiative.
Lauren Messman
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Alabama Is Letting a Church Form Its Own Police Force

The state senate approved a bill on Tuesday that leads to important questions, like: What happens if and when a church police officer breaks the law?
Eve Peyser
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The ACLU Raised More Than $24 Million Over the Weekend

The nonprofit raked in six times the amount of money it usually gets in one year from online donations after challenging Trump's travel ban in court.
Lauren Messman

How Canada's Weed Industry Is Reacting to the Just-Announced Legalization Report

Although there's some reason to be optimistic, not everyone is thrilled.
Manisha Krishnan
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Walmart Will Now Offer Health Insurance for Its Transgender Employees

The country's largest private employer will now join more than 600 companies offering LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare options.
Allison Schaller
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Texas Abortion Clinics Have to Bury or Cremate Fetuses Now

The new rules will also require abortion providers to foot the cost, which is sometimes thousands of dollars per case.
Lauren Messman
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Here's What Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Can Do to Fight Back

The Massachusetts senator and Clinton ally said she'll work with the president-elect, but will not back down on "issues about treating every single human being in this country with dignity."
Lauren Messman
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This High School Student Is Leading the Fight for Transgender Bathroom Rights

Gavin Grimm's legal battle against his high school could be the first case the Supreme Court hears specifically involving gender identity.
VICE Staff
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Oklahoma's State Supreme Court Struck Down Another Abortion Law

SB 642 proposed a few different abortion provisions, which violated the state's requirement that all laws focus on one single item and left the court with an "all-or-nothing" decision.
Lauren Messman
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Millions of Americans Have Become Potheads Since 2002, Study Says

The study found that the number of Americans who regularly use pot nearly doubled from 12 years ago, from 3.9 million to now 8.4 million people.
VICE Staff