Fighting Words

Nuts Are a Bad Source of Protein

These alternatives are far more efficient.
Nick English
san francisco

This San Francisco Peanut Milk Might Actually Save the World

State Bird Provisions is so popular that hungry techies once allegedly hacked the reservation system to make sure they’d get seats. At the end of a fantastic meal there, you'll understand why when you sip the restaurant's expertly calibrated peanut...
Brent Crane

Scientists Have Developed Beans That Can Survive the Global Warming Apocalypse

With the planet headed toward a certainly much warmer future, beans—and the people who rely on them for protein—are in peril. But bean breeders have announced the development of 30 new varieties that could survive a "worst-case" climate change scenario.
Munchies Staff
Organic farming

Turns Out Boring Old Lentils Are Surprisingly Radical

During the 1980s farming crisis, a group of renegade Heartland farmers radicalized conventional agriculture with one surprising crop: lentils.
Lauren Rothman

Meet Guar, the Tiny Green Bean That Makes Fracking Possible

You should get to know guar, Big Oil's favorite legume.
Joshua A. Krisch
peanut butter

Finding Peanut Butter Abroad Is Nearly Impossible

Just about every country has peanuts, and just about every country has blenders. Why is it so desperately difficult to find real-deal peanut butter outside of the US? Blame local tastes that just don't understand the American yen for this fatty...
Shannon Sims

These Beans Will Dilate Your Pupils

If you live in proximity to an old-school deli or a grocery store that hasn’t rotated its stock since the Carter administration, you might’ve heard of lupini beans, a tough legume that’s snacked like bar nuts with beer. Besides their deliciousness...
Matthew Zuras