Lehman Brothers

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Warren Buffett looks back at Lehman Brothers crash: "We get smarter, but we don't get wiser"

“I describe it as an economic Pearl Harbor,” Warren Buffett, the legendary investor of Berkshire Hathaway, told VICE News.
Aaron Ernst
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Rich People Broke America and Never Paid the Price

Lehman Brothers collapsed ten years ago, exposing a rotten system run only by greed. In an alternate universe, things actually changed.
Nathan Schneider

Lehman Brothers Whiskey Has Notes of Burning Money and Despair

Hoping to capture the unique taste of financial collapse, a British entrepreneur is creating a line of Lehman Brothers whiskeys that deliver “the ups and downs of the economic devastation of 2008” to your glass.
Wyatt Marshall

One of the 'Cool Things' Jeb Bush Did Before Running for President Was Get Filthy Rich

Jeb Bush's campaign for US president has had a dismal stretch lately — including plunging poll numbers, cutting campaign staff, and questionable comments about superheroes.
Olivia Becker

Why Jeremy Corbyn Is Best Placed to Solve the UK's Future Economic Problems

All the people calling him a "throwback" haven't stopped to consider what is likely to happen to the British economy in the next decade.
Aaron Bastani
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Meet John Kasich, the Former Lehman Brothers Banker Who Just Announced He's Running for President

Everything you need to know about the latest Republican to pile into the 2016 clown car.
Kevin Lincoln
The Wall Street Issue

Profit and Loss in the Wall Street Sex Trade

According to a few sex workers I spoke to, there's no escaping Wall Street, since almost every sector in New York—real estate, restaurants, prostitution, you name it—opens its mouth to finance's trickle-down.
Harry Siegel