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"Earthquakes" Caused by Fans at Sports Stadiums Are Kinda Bullshit

We talked to a senior research scientist at the institution that registered the Barcelona supporters' "fanquake" after their comeback win over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.
Aaron Gordon

Chips Soccer Podcast Episode 11: Money Kante Buy You Love

Why, why, whyyyyyy must we always compare two players with each other just because they play a vaguely similar position and are from the same country, Kante vs. Pogba edition.
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danny drinkwater

Danny Drinkwater Smashes in Volley for Embattled Leicester

Drinkwater doesn't have many goals, but this one is a beauty.
Sean Newell
Claudio Ranieri

Leicester City Fire Manager Claudio Ranieri

Less than a year after pulling off one of the most stunning runs in sports, Claudio Ranieri is out at Leicester City.
Sean Newell
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Manchester United Hammer In Two Goals Against Leicester in Just One Minute and Change

Seems like we'll have to wait a hundred years or so to get another miracle run from Leicester.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Derby County

Leicester City Get Gift on Brutal Own Goal

This looks like something from a high school gym class.
Sean Newell
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Six Strange Months in the Life of Jamie Vardy

Having undergone a meteoric rise over the past few seasons, the last six months have been strangely static for Jamie Vardy. That seemed to change this weekend, or so he will hope.
Will Magee
champions league or bust

Domestic Drudgery Makes Leicester City's Heroics All the More Wondrous

While Leicester City are flying high in the Champions League, they sit only two points above the relegation zone at home. But perhaps this just serves to make their Premier League title triumph and European exploits seem all the more wondrous.
Alex Hess
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Watford's Roberto Pereyra Curls Ball to Perfection for Divine Golazo

It ended up being one of those once-in-a-lifetime perfect shots that found itself inch-perfect out of reach of the keeper's outstretched fingers.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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A Ripple In Time, An Echo Of History: Previewing Chelsea vs. Leicester

In the first of this week’s Premier League Previews, we look back to Chelsea’s fateful clash with Leicester last season, and celebrate what now feels like a cosmic blip.
Will Magee
jamie vardy pinging on red bull

Jamie Vardy’s Post-Party Comedown: Reviewing Leicester vs. Southampton

If last season was one long party for Jamie Vardy, the new campaign is starting to resemble a particularly brutal comedown, with at least one guy K-holing on the sofa.
Will Magee
so much caffeine

Jamie Vardy's Pre-Game Drinking Ritual Is Disgusting

The Leicester star drinks a glass of port, three Red Bulls, and a double espresso for good measure.
Mike Vorkunov