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Lenny Kravitz to Honor Prince, Pharrell to Induct Nile Rodgers at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony

Your step-dad is stoked.
Alex Robert Ross

'Star' Is Like 'Empire' but Not as Much Fun

Lee Daniels's second attempt at a musical television series focuses more on the dramatics and less on the characters.
Pilot Viruet
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A New Documentary About Prince Will Include Bono and Mick Jagger

The world may be a poorer place without the Purple One, but at least we'll get to celebrate his legacy with a new documentary starring a whole lot of famous people.
Lincoln Michel
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Dave Chappelle Covered "Creep" By Radiohead and Killed It

This song has definitely never sounded so fun.
Lauren O'Neill
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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 8/28

Taylor Swift gets to be friends with a koala and it's our lot in life to just watch that play out on social media.
Kathy Iandoli

The Changing Face of the Male Pop Star Heartthrob

What women are after, at least in their pop idols, isn’t the fantasy of a perfect body, but rather the articulation of the complicated language of emotion. And talent.
Kat George

QUIZ: Which Digital Versions of Lenny Kravitz’s Penis Violate Copyright Law?

Let Lenny Kravitz teach you how to pierce through the issues.
Sarah Jeong & Jordan Pearson
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Lenny Kravitz’s Pants Ripped on Stage and His Dong Popped Out (NSFW)

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This Kentucky Distillery Is Blasting David Bowie Songs to Flavor Its Brandy

Joe Heron of Louisville's Copper & Kings distillery says that “happy brandy makes happy drinking,” and believes that the gentle vibrations of music assist in the aging process for his craft spirits. He draws the line at Katy Perry, though.
Ashlie Stevens

Meet the Team Behind Katy Perry's Projection-Mapped Halftime Show

We talked to the Ben Nicholson, one of the artists responsible for the projection-mapped spectacle that was Katy Perry's Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.
Beckett Mufson

Why Can't I Stop Laughing at This Lenny Kravitz Parody Video?

"Weird Al" Yankovic skipped parodying "Fly Away" back in 1998, so avid YouTuber Neil Cicierega has taken a stab it now. In 2014. It's mainly focused on Kravitz's obsession with dragonflies and Milky Way bars.
Mike Pearl
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The Score: Mapping the Music and Style of 'Reality Bites'

Welcome to the winter of our discontent.
Anne T. Donahue