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Anthony "the Mooch" Scaramucci fired, almost 500 stand trial in Turkish coup case, Trump told his son to issue misleading statement on Russia meeting, and more.


Why Venezuela's President Maduro being voted out this year is unlikely

Venezuela's electoral authority announced the next stage of the effort to force a presidential recall referendum cannot start before October, which means the vote itself could not happen until late January.


Argentina’s New President Is Already Picking a Fight With Venezuela

Two weeks into his presidency Argentina's Mauricio Macri has demanded the release of opposition politicians jailed in Venezuela prompting a public spat and proving that, in foreign policy at least, his election promise of "change" was real.


Tension Grows in Venezuela With the Assassination of an Opposition Politician

While the opposition has accused the ruling Socialist Party of involvement in the shooting of Luis Manuel Diaz on Wednesday, President Maduro has said the murder was an underworld settling of scores and warned of an anti-Venezuelan conspiracy.


Opposition Leader Immediately Arrested Upon Returning To Venezuela

Manuel Rosales lost to former President Hugo Chavez in elections in 2006 and left the country in 2009 accused of corruption. He knew returning to Venezuela would almost certainly put him in jail.


Fiery Protest Leader Leopoldo Lopez Faces 13-Year Sentence in Venezuela

The polarizing figurehead of Venezuela's opposition, Lopez was sentenced Thursday for conspiracy and inciting violence. Last year's clashes during anti-government protests left 43 people dead.


Obama to Sign Bill Imposing Sanctions on Venezuelan Officials Over Anti-Government Crackdown

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro responded by saying the US president was "playing with history" with expected sanctions against Venezuelan officials' assets in the United States.


Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Appears in Court Over Protest Violence

Dozens died in riots that took country to the brink earlier this year; Maduro government has accused opposition of plotting his overthrow.


Venezuelan Protesters Replace Judas With Maduro and Burn Him at Easter

Both anti- and pro-government demonstrators swapped the traditional burning Judas effigy for likenesses of political leaders in Venezuela.


Venezuela Stifles Dissent, Accuses Generals of Plotting Coup

The Venezuelan government has arrested three generals it accuses of planning to oust President Maduro with the help of the opposition.


Actually, Most Venezuelans Don't Want to Overthrow the Government

As tensions deepen, bringing the quasi-certainty of more violence to come, a change of regime continues to seem unlikely.