• 4.6.15

      Pierre Winther's Incredible, Cinematic Photos

      The renowned photographer talks about his techniques for building entire worlds in every shot.

    • 7.11.14

      Bolivia Has a Fancy New Skatepark

      Levi's has been building skateparks for impoverished communities around the globe

    • 10.11.13

      Meet the Conductor

      Throughout Station to Station there's existed an emphasis on collaborative work but the most important collaboration has been between Doug Aitken and Len Peltier, the Global Creative Director at Levi Strauss. Without that the train would never have got...

    • 10.2.13

      Italians Do It Better

      Cat Power played Satisfaction, Jackson Browne sung Take It Easy and Cold Cave performed in the middle of a hay bale maze, then Giorgio Moroder climbed the stage and performed just one song. He'd written it earlier that day on the train in the recording...

    • 10.1.13

      Close Encounters In The Desert

      The Fitzgerald family are fourth generation Irish with a dash of Cherokee. They're originally from the Burren, a bizarre rockland in the west of Ireland that, from above, looks a little like the pieces of a cracked ceramic plate sprinkled on a table...

    • 9.28.13

      Ways to Pass Time in the Desert

      Jack Kerouac said that the 'road is life,' but the railroad is really living. A giant, moving platform of bathrooms, dining cars, music studios, gallery space and a Levis® car with sofas and tables and deep-leather chairs that drop you right down to...

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    • 9.28.13

      Downtime Pilgrimages

      When the Station to Station: a public art project made possible by Levi's® train's not rolling we generally find ourselves out exploring the local landscape. In Arizona this means giant craters, grand canyons and a million and one references to Route...

    • 9.27.13

      Under a Full Moon in Santa Fe

      So this is what a Levis® Station to Station happening is. A concert and alongside that a bunch of little tents of activity where locals flock like moths to gas lamps. In cowboy hats, fleece jackets, hippie dresses sandals and bicycle clips.

    • 9.24.13

      Wobbling On A Corner In Winslow Arizona

      Levis® didn't build the railroads, the Irish and the Chinese did. But Levis® did outfit those laborers. The 501 jean was introduced just before completion of the Atlantic-Pacific route, the same route incidentally that our merry band has been rolling...